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Everybody will say “Ooooh!” and “Awwww!” in 3-D Holiday Specs

Nov 22, 2020

Everybody will say “Ooooh!” and “Awwww!” when they put on 3-D Holiday Specs. We used to give these out to kids who performed in our Christmas musicals. But the parents and teenagers kept wanting their own and would “borrow” them from the little ones because they were so cool. 

Put on these little paper-framed glasses – what we used to call spectacles – and look at tiny lights – like on a Christmas tree or a house across the street. Every point of light magically turns into a 3-D little picture). You can choose an elf, Santa, a gift, gingerbread man, an angel, candy cane and holiday other stuff. Suddenly just sittin’ around cooped up in the house becomes fun! And it makes worth bundling up in the car to drive around looking at lights in the neighborhood – even if you can’t stop to visit with friends – when all the lights take on fun new dimensions. Get them at, on Amazon, or at...

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Get Cozy in a Christmas Fort

Nov 22, 2020

Kids and teenagers seem to love to build a fort -- sort of like an indoor tent -- and crawl inside it. If we grownups join the fun it can make a cozy nest where the family can get close and share some nice stories, especially if you build a fort around a TV or screen for watching holiday shows.

Just get some blankets and sheets and tablecloths -- not the nice ones, of course. Put up like a tall ladder or something to be at the center to hold up the tent. I like to use clothespins to clip them together but you can use other kinds of clips to build a little room around the screen. Then decorate it to be festive; maybe you put in little twinkly lights and make it cozy with lots of cushions and pillows and blankets and quilts and comforters. Those are called comforters for a reason and Lord knows we need some comfort this year!

I can already hear some of the mamas who work so hard to make their home picture perfect for the holidays sayin’ “When are you going to take...

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Oh Joy! This Countdown Chain between Thanksgiving Christmas Stops Bickering & Boredom

Nov 05, 2020

The Holidays are Upon Us!

This one idea ~ while not guaranteeing Peace on Earth ~ can bring peace and joy to your home and family even if you may have to be cooped up for Christmas. 

Have you heard of a countdown chain? That’s where you make a paper chain with one link for each day leading to a special event. This chain spans the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas and blesses kiddos, parents, and grandparents. 

Benefits for You and Your Family

  • Young kiddos who don’t know numbers SEE how many more days until Christmas and stop asking.
  • Older folks who keep forgetting what day it is can see how many more days until Christmas.
  • Christmas is experienced throughout the season, so joy is spread out over time and there is less pressure for one day to be grand (so less risk of disappointment) and less boredom.
  • There's less conflict because everyone gets a say in activities and plans. 
  • Letting everyone be heard and their hopes valued stirs...
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