About Grandma Goodie & You

About Grandma Goodie & You 

 Since you’re here, you must have a child or children you care for and want to bless. Thank you for taking your time to get to know Grandma Goodie better. Here, kids get entertaining Bible stories told by a sweet grandma. Grown-ups get a break. It's like Mr. Rogers meets Mrs. Doubtfire. Colorful, safe, and delightful; G.G. speaks with love to one child at a time. No ads. No promotion of any church or denomination. She just tells the story so a child can understand it. No prior Bible knowledge needed. Faith, hope, love... and fun! Remember, Grandma Goodie loves you! But, God loves you more! Grandma Goodie is a bit forgetful, so she wants the kiddos check it out for themselves to make sure she got it right. Parents, grandparents, Sunday School teachers have it easy. All they have to do is check to see the kids found the right story, give 'em a big hug, let them tell you about the story, and maybe read it with them -- or let them read it to you in a kid-friendly Bible.

Everything Grandma Goodie does is designed to speak to each child as an individual while reaching many children. Mr. Rogers’ secret to success was to look into the camera and speak to one child. That’s what Grandma Goodie tries to do too. But every time she tells a story she begins by looking for the love. She aims to help make kiddos early interaction with the Bible a pleasant and loving experience. 

Parental Relief & Support for Grown-ups Caring for Kids 

Caring for kiddos in this day and age is stressful and can be worrisome. So, she is also here to serve and support the “folks” – that is You, any adult who cares for a child or children. She would never abide interfering between a child and their parent, or a family and their faith tradition. She is also supportive of those working in churches and houses of worship. Any grown-up who loves and cares for a child is welcome to share and use her Bible story videos. These are available free and ad-free on YouTube.

Your Part is as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3.

As the folks, looking’ out for your kiddo/s, here's what you do:

  1. Get 'em to watch a video or cuddle up to watch it with them. Grandma Goodie always gives clues and a “secret code” at the end of every video telling where to find it in the Holy Bible.  
  2. Let them tell you about the story. and LISTEN. Give 'em a hug. No Bible knowledge required! No teaching required, just a Bible story and love. 
  3. Get 'em a full-text kids' Bible. Let (or help) the kiddo find it in their own Bible. You may want to snuggle up and read it with them -- or let them read it to you in a kid-friendly Bible. If they need help finding it, feel free to help. If they found it themselves with the Secret Code, praise 'em for finding it.


She Tells It as She Finds It in the Bible ~ Non-Sectarian ~ No Spin

Grandma Goodie sees her role just to tell the stories the way she finds them in scripture with simple faith of a believer. The folks who love each child can draw any morals or life-lessons they see fit since you know the needs of your child/ren better than anyone else could. GG tries not to tag on a moral to the story that isn’t apparent or stated. Nor will she try to spin it toward, Protestant or Catholic or any other denomination, if she can help it. By staying true to the text and the story as found in the referenced passage, stories can be the living Word and take on various shades of meaning as a child grows. So, she keeps her stories focused on just telling the story the way it’s found in the pages of the Bible.

She tries to make it entertaining and simple without projecting into the future. So, for example, in telling the Passover story, she is foreshadowing the meaning in the blood of the lamb but not jumping ahead to mention New Testament conclusions. If she’s on her game, Jewish families should feel comfortable hearing her tell the Old Testament stories – if they believe the scriptures. When she gets to New Testament stories, where Jesus-followers tied their faith back to the Old Testament prophecies, she will include those connections as they are found in the Bible text.


Find the Secret Code at the End of Each Video

At the end of each video: Grandma Goodie tells the kiddos the clues and the "secret code” so they can find it for themselves in the Holy Bible and check to make sure G.G. got it right and didn’t add anything or leave anything out. The clues are on the chalkboard at the end of each video and include the following:

  • OLD or NEW Testament: (Those are the two parts of the Christian Bible)
  • Name of the Bible BOOK: (Commonly used name like “John” for Gospel according to John)
  • CHAPTER Number: (That’s the big numeral at the start of each chapter.)
  • VERSES: (Those are the itty-bitty numbers in between the words.)


Who IS Grandma Goodie and Where Did She Come From?

The creative source of Grandma Goodie is Connie Neal (sort of like Peter Parker to Spiderman, or Bruce Wayne to Batman, or Clark Kent to Superman). So, you will never see Connie Neal and Grandma Goodie in the same room together 😊, nor will Connie acknowledge her alter-ego in front of a child. However, you deserve to know G.G.’s origin story. Connie Neal is a non-denominational Christian, whose testimony can be found in her book, Dancing in the Arms of God. She spent 20 years as a Christian author, speaker, and writer of supplemental materials in specialty Bibles (including the Kids’ Devotional Bible by Zonderkids and wrote all the devotionals in the Life Recovery Bible by Tyndale House Publishers). She worked as a Youth Pastor for 12 years. She has a BA in Communication from Pepperdine University and received her Master’s degree in Education in 2009, specializing in Instructional Design for Online Learning. That’s why her videos are under 10 minutes – short and sweet.

The Grandma Goodie character is inspired by the love of Connie's stepmother, Edith, and mother, Nina, both of whom were amazing grandmothers to her three children. Their story is in Chapter 5 of her book, Dancing in the Arms of God. It is a staggeringly beautiful story that reveals the incredible power of God’s love.


Find Grandma Goodie's Bible Stories FREE on YouTube

Grandma Goodie’s content can currently be found on her YouTube channel: Grandma Goodie’s Bible Stories and on this website.  She releases a new video every Sunday afternoon. For special holidays, she may add videos related to the holidays.


Sign Up to Get Link to Latest Bible Stories Each Sunday

In 2020, YouTube restricted most communication tools to protect children. So, we recommend signing up on the website. Then, each Sunday we will send out an email with a link to the latest free Bible story video/s. While waiting for next Sunday's new video you can find all our videos free on YouTube click here to find Grandma Goodie's Bible Stories. 

If you trust us with your email address, we will not share it with others or sell it. We only use it to communicate about once per week, usually on Sundays. Together, we can bless a kiddo you love with Bible stories. But you're the one who will allow that to happen, facilitate and encourage it. So, thank you for allowing us the awesome privilege of having a small part to play in the life of each child you love.


Grandma Goodie's Circle of Support

We treasure your trust. By “we” and “us” Grandma Goodie is nurtured by the entire Neal family: Pa (Pat), adult children, Casey Robin (also artist and character designer), Taylor (Connie Whisperer), and Neal Haley (fashion/fitness adviser and UX).

Prayer Support and Contributions: We have a small circle of trusted friends who pray over and encourage us to develop what God has called us to do in this endeavor. We invested our own money, time and efforts to start this project. We are committed to NOT having ads attached to the Bible story videos we give freely to children. This began as a labor of love. We hope it will grow, which will require more resources. We will gratefully accept contributions that we will tuck into Grandma Goodie’s Cookie Jar to allow us to keep helping your kids and in keeping with the Bible verse that says a worker is deserving of their pay. We would also like to spend what it will take to improve the Grandma Goodie brand and resources. However, we are not a 501c3 organization, so donations are not currently tax-deductible. (We all have other jobs and haven’t had time to look into how to do that yet.)

That’s all for now. If you have any questions or comments you can email Grandma Goodie at [email protected] but it may take us a few days to respond.

P.S. Remember, Grandma Goodie loves you but God loves you more!


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