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Grandma Goodie knows kids get bored and lonely, but grown-ups need a break! So, GG tells entertaining, kid-friendly Bible stories with your child as the apple of her eye. She's old-fashioned but sweet as candy. She just tells the story with love and good humor. Here’s her story of how she got started. Remember, Grandma Goodie loves you, but God loves you more!

Let Kids Try a 5-Min. Bible Story Video

This is a short little story with an amazing little miracle. And GG will give you an idea for something fun you can do too. Imagine that! Guess whose pictures Grandma Goodie has on her fishing pole? Hint: the sisters from Frozen. It's pretty too. Soon, G.G. will have another video that shows you fun ways to just go play games related to fishing. So, get ready to GO FISH with this fish tale!

Let Kids Try a 7-min. Bible Story Video

Have you ever needed a nap? Jesus did too! Grandma Goodie tells an exciting story of a day so busy that Jesus' nap kept getting put off and interrupted. She also tells her kiddos how they can get the rest they need. This one is an oldie but goodie! Even though it was done in the early days, it's always a favorite. See what happens when a big storm hits just as Jesus goes to sleep.

Try a 10-min. Story on Current Events

Racism is a touchy subject but kids know something is going on. We want to protect them and we should. But with all the emotion being vented and all the media coverage, kids will need the grown-ups who care for them to help them process what's going on in society and the media. Grandma Goodie retells the Good Samaritan story to help kids understand racism.

Play Your Way Into the Bible!

1. Make a Sling-Thing > 2. Target Practice > 3. Watch Video > 4. Find It In a Bible

1. Make Sling-Things

Kiddos love to make fun toys! Grandma Goodie shows how to make Sling-Things out of stuff you probably have around the house. It's simple, safe, fast, and easy! Kids can play with Sling-Things for hours, alone or with others. They'll be getting exercise, having lots of fun, building skills and confidence too.

2. Target Practice

Once your child has Sling-Things, G.G. shows how to prepare a safe play area. Then it's time for target practice. They can play indoors or outside.  Aim for accuracy or distance. Play tag or set up stuffed animals and imagine slinging in the jungle. Pretend to protect your flocks from wild animals like lions and bears.

3. Watch a Video

Now that your child knows how much skill and practice it takes to be able to hit a target with a sling, encourage them to watch a Bible story video about a boy who was a great shot with his sling. He protected his flocks, fended off a bear and a lion. He even gained confidence to stand up to a giant bully and save the day!

4. Find It In a Bible

Let or help your child learn to find that story in a Bible. They will feel so proud! G.G. teaches how to find any story in the Holy Bible. It's simple enough for a 5-year-old. You just need clues and the Secret Code (which GG gives at the end of the video) and a full-text Bible. This is a great skill to have to go with your child's new skills using the Sling-Thing. 

Let (or Help) a Child Find a Bible Story! 

  1. Let your child watch Grandma Goodie tell a Bible story. She makes it fun, simple and engaging.
  2. After watching, let (or help) your child follow the SECRET CODE  to find it in a kid-friendly full-text Bible.  This 'FIND IT YOURSELF' video shows how.
  3. Hand out SWEET REWARDS: give 'em a sticker in the margin of their Bible & a parent-approved sweet treat. NO BIBLE KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED!

Help a child in your care find faith, hope, & love! Kiddos these days get lots of screen time. Grandma Goodie meets 'em there to tell 'em exciting Bible stories, pointing to where to find it in the Holy Bible and sweet rewards! 

Your Child Will Feel Proud!

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