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A Mama of a 3-Year-Old

"Thank you for your adorable and powerful videos. My 3-year-old and I watch together, we get so excited when there's a new video. You're amazing at what you do! Thank you for spreading the good news to these little souls." ~ Priscilla Rivera

A Grandma of 9 Kiddos

When I have my hands full with our nine  grandchildren, now 13 and younger. It’s so nice to be able to have a show I can trust while making a meal or caring for them. We all enjoy your Bible Stories. ~ Moni of the Moments with Moni podcast

Retired Head Start Nurse, Grandma & Home Schooler

“As a previous homeschool parent, I wish GG was around when my kids were young. But I am so glad I can now pass on her fun loving Bible Stories to my own 6 grandchildren.“ ~ Dawn Ginese (AKA: Dawn the Singing Nurse)

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Enjoy These Christmas Stories a Bit Longer

Click picture to go to the video. (I'll leave these Christmas stories up for a few more weeks.) Enjoy! The last one happened some time after Christmas.

It's Hard to Wait for Christmas!

Some folks waited their whole lives for the promised Christ child whose birth we celebrate at Christmas.

Christmas Angels May Surprise You

Angels play an important role in the Christmas stories. So, GG tells us more about the real Christmas angels.

We Can Believe Christmas Stories in the Bible?

You can't believe everything you hear or see. But you can believe the gospel truth.

Who Was the Other Christmas Baby?

The angel Gabriel announced two miracle babies before Christmas. Jesus was one, who was the other?

A Story about David Reveals the Word

Can you find the hidden word? G.G. tells a story about a boy – 1,000 years before Jesus -- and explains the hidden word.

Explain the Virgin Birth without Blushing

Who was Jesus' daddy ? It’s tricky to explain the virgin birth to a child; so let G.G. do it for you.

The Shepherd's Surprise Invitation

Baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem, who did the angels invite to see him first? Did they tell the rich and powerful? The king? Nope! Shepherds!

The Wise Guys Follow That Star!

You may have heard them called Magi or Wise Men. They traveled from afar following a star. They were of another religion and followed signs to find a king

Even Grandma Goodie has a naughty side!

Ever worry you’re on the Naughty List? Most people do, for good reasons. G.G. brings glad tidings for all people! (Naughty & Nice)

Late Delivery!

Will our gifts arrive on time? Even Baby Jesus had to wait for his gifts, delivered from far away and after Christmas Day. 

Coming Soon

Did you know that the Christmas story ends with a great escape? Who was chasing baby Jesus? Don’t miss this exciting end of the story.

Going from G.G.'s Videos into the Bible is as Easy as    1, 2, 3!

  1. Let your child watch Grandma Goodie tell a Bible story. She makes it fun, simple and engaging. Or cuddle up and watch it with 'em (under 10 min.)
  2. Listen as they tell you about the story. NO BIBLE KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED! Feel free to add a moral. GG just tells the story as it's told in the Bible.
  3. Want more? Let (or help) your child follow the SECRET CODE  to find it in a kid-friendly full-text Bible.  This 'FIND IT YOURSELF' video shows how.

Help a child in your care find faith, hope, & love! Kiddos these days get lots of screen time. Grandma Goodie meets 'em there to tell 'em exciting Bible stories, pointing to where to find it in the Holy Bible! This habit will enrich their life!

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