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Do you & your child know the Easter stories & where to find them in the Bible? Grandma Goodie covers all the important parts in these 9 Bible story videos.

Watch Now! (Up 2/28/2021)

Our Easter playlist starts and ends with an empty tomb! Watch to see who can undo death and hear Jesus explain why and show how.

Watch Now! (Up 3/7/2021)

When Jesus told his friends he would soon die, Mary poured out her best to prepare his body for a proper burial & Jesus honored her.

Watch Now! (Up 3/14/2021)

The Passover holiday foreshadows the meaning Jesus will give to it. There's a reason Jesus died on Passover! Can you guess why? 

Watch Now! (Up 3/21/2021)

Jesus & his friends celebrated the Feast of Unleavened Bread and Passover. But Jesus told them surprising things at this last supper.

Watch Now! (Up 3/27/2021)

No shhhh-ing allowed! Palm Sunday celebrates a day when God's promises were fulfilled & kiddos got to shout & a shout-out from Jesus 

Watch Now! (Up 4/1/2021)

Jesus said one of his friends would betray him. He prayed in a garden before they came to arrest him. See his last miracle too!

Watch Now! (4/2/2021)

The Friday before Easter, we remember how and why Jesus Christ was killed on a cross in between two other men. This is their story.

Watch Now! (Up 4/4/2021)

On Friday, Jesus died and was buried in a tomb with a big stone closing it. At daybreak Sunday, that stone rolled away! Jesus is back to life!

Watch Now! (Up 4/11/2021)

Jesus rose from the dead and appeared alive to some of his friends. These two guys were eating with him when he disappeared!

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Share a new Bible story video with your kiddo/s each week. Grandma Goodie promises not to pester! Non-denominational ~ NO ads ~ Just a lively story & where to find it in the Holy Bible.

Sample More of G.G.'s Popular Bible Stories

Free ~ Ad-Free ~ Non-Denominational ~ No Bible Knowledge Required ~ Fun! Click the picture below to see that video.

Fishing for a Little Miracle: Imagine That!

Grandma Goodie is  dressed up to go fishing. Peter and Jesus just came home from an exciting adventure on a mountaintop  But when they got home a tax collector was waiting, asking for money. That bill was due! Where could Peter find that money? LET'S GO FISH!

Jesus Needs a Nap! A Classic

Have you ever needed a nap? Jesus did too! Grandma Goodie tells an exciting story of a day so busy that Jesus' nap kept getting put off and interrupted. GG gets a rockin' and Jesus friends start freakin' out. But Jesus calms everything down. GG also tells kiddos how they can get the rest they need too. This Bible story is found in Matthew 8:16-28.

Love God 1st, Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

God loves you! Love Him back! Then love each other! That's about as simple as life gets. When Jesus was teaching a man tested him with a tough question. What must I do to inherit eternal life? That question led to Jesus telling a story with a surprising twist. He taught that man a lesson that is good for everyone. Grandma Goodie tells the story.

A Bible Story Related to Current Events and Love

Racism is a touchy subject but kids know something is going on. With all the emotion being vented and media coverage, kids need help processing what's going on. Grandma Goodie offers this retelling of the Good Samaritan story to address racism as Jesus calls us to love our neighbor – of any and every race– as we love ourselves. 

Going from G.G.'s Videos into the Bible is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Let your child watch Grandma Goodie tell a Bible story. She makes it fun, simple and engaging. Or cuddle up and watch it with 'em (under 10 min.)
  2. Listen as they tell you about the story. NO BIBLE KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED! Feel free to add a moral. GG just tells the story as it's told in the Bible.
  3. Want more? Let (or help) your child follow the SECRET CODE  to find it in a kid-friendly full-text Bible.  This 'FIND IT YOURSELF' video shows how.

Help a child in your care find faith, hope, & love! Kiddos these days get lots of screen time. Grandma Goodie meets 'em there to tell 'em exciting Bible stories, pointing to where to find it in the Holy Bible! This habit will enrich their life!

Click to Learn to Find It in the Bible!

Bored? Let Kids Play Their Way Into the Bible!

1. Make a plaything 2. Let 'em just play 3. Watch a video 4. Find the real story Click the picture below to go to that video.

1. Make a Fun Toy

Kiddos love to make things! This toy will tie into the story later. Grandma Goodie shows how to make Sling-Things out of stuff you probably have around the house. It's simple, safe, fast, and easy! Kids can play with Sling-Things for hours, alone or with others. They'll be getting exercise, having lots of fun, building skills and confidence too.

2. Let 'em Just Play

Sometimes kids need to just go play around! Once your child has Sling-Things, G.G. shows how to prepare a safe play area. Then it's time for target practice. They can play indoors or outside.  Aim for accuracy or distance. Play tag or set up stuffed animals and imagine slinging in the jungle. Pretend to protect your flocks from wild animals like lions and bears.

3. Watch a Video

Now that your child knows how much skill and practice it takes to be able to hit a target with a sling, encourage them to watch a Bible story video about a boy who was a great shot with his sling. He protected his flocks, fended off a bear and a lion. He even gained confidence to stand up to a giant bully and save the day!

4. Find It In a Bible

Let or help your child learn to find that story in a Bible. They will feel so proud! G.G. teaches how to find any story in the Holy Bible. It's simple enough for a 5-year-old. You just need clues and the Secret Code (which GG gives at the end of the video) and a full-text Bible. This is a great skill to have to go with your child's new skills using the Sling-Thing. 


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