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A Mama of a 3-Year-Old

"Thank you for your adorable and powerful videos. My 3-year-old and I watch together, we get so excited when there's a new video. You're amazing at what you do! Thank you for spreading the good news to these little souls." ~ Priscilla Rivera

A Grandma of 9 Kiddos

When I have my hands full with our nine  grandchildren, now 13 and younger. It’s so nice to be able to have a show I can trust while making a meal or caring for them. We all enjoy your Bible Stories. ~ Moni of the Moments with Moni podcast

Retired Head Start Nurse, Grandma & Home Schooler

“As a previous homeschool parent, I wish GG was around when my kids were young. But I am so glad I can now pass on her fun loving Bible Stories to my own 6 grandchildren.“ ~ Dawn Ginese (AKA: Dawn the Singing Nurse)

Watch These Spooky & Scary Bible Stories

Click picture to go to the video. (Not too scary but grownups should check.)

Graveyard Man, a herd of Pigs & Jesus

A man was suffering across the lake from Jesus. So, Jesus & his disciples hopped in the boat to help him. Plus, a pig race!

3 Guys, a Furnace, & an Angry King

This time of year some folks like scary stories. This one has some scary moments, but let the kiddos know that it will turn out all right.

When is Handwriting Scary?

Do you like riddles? Here's one for you. When is handwriting a scary thing? Learn the answer at the end of this spooky Bible story.

The King Who Turned Into a Beast

Some kings act beastly, this one turned into a beast. See how his story came to a happy ending.

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Share a new Bible story video with your kiddo/s each week. Grandma Goodie promises not to pester! Non-denominational ~ NO ads ~ Just a lively story & where to find it in the Holy Bible.

Watch GG's Most Popular Bible Story Videos

GG's Very 1st Video

Meet Grandma Goodie and Beau (the Wonder-Doodle in GG's very first video. She'll tell you who she loves & why she's making her videos.

See the Video

Passover! A Freedom Story!

A showdown at midnight, a beloved pet, a family, invisible danger, and a great escape!

Watch the Video

Jesus Needs a Nap!

Ever needed a nap? Jesus did too! An exciting story of a day so busy Jesus missed his nap.

Don't Miss This Story!

Bored? Let Kids Play Their Way Into the Bible!

1. Make a plaything 2. Let 'em just play 3. Watch a video 4. Find the real story Click the picture below to go to that video.

1. Make a Fun Toy

Kiddos love to make things! This toy will tie into the story later. Grandma Goodie shows how to make Sling-Things out of stuff you probably have around the house. It's simple, safe, fast, and easy! Kids can play with Sling-Things for hours, alone or with others. They'll be getting exercise, having lots of fun, building skills and confidence too.

2. Let 'em Just Play

Sometimes kids need to just go play around! Once your child has Sling-Things, G.G. shows how to prepare a safe play area. Then it's time for target practice. They can play indoors or outside.  Aim for accuracy or distance. Play tag or set up stuffed animals and imagine slinging in the jungle. Pretend to protect your flocks from wild animals like lions and bears.

3. Watch a Video

Now that your child knows how much skill and practice it takes to be able to hit a target with a sling, encourage them to watch a Bible story video about a boy who was a great shot with his sling. He protected his flocks, fended off a bear and a lion. If the Olympics had a slingshot contest, this little fella would win the gold medal!

4. Find It In a Bible

Let or help your child learn to find that story in a Bible. They will feel so proud! G.G. teaches how to find any story in the Holy Bible. It's simple enough for a 5-year-old. You just need clues and the Secret Code (which GG gives at the end of the video) and a full-text Bible. This is a great skill to have to go with your child's new skills using the Sling-Thing. 

Going from G.G.'s Videos into the Bible is as Easy as    1, 2, 3!

  1. Let your child watch Grandma Goodie tell a Bible story. She makes it fun, simple and engaging. Or cuddle up and watch it with 'em (under 10 min.)
  2. Listen as they tell you about the story. NO BIBLE KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED! Feel free to add a moral. GG just tells the story as it's told in the Bible.
  3. Want more? Let (or help) your child follow the SECRET CODE  to find it in a kid-friendly full-text Bible.  This 'FIND IT YOURSELF' video shows how.

Help a child in your care find faith, hope, & love! Kiddos these days get lots of screen time. Grandma Goodie meets 'em there to tell 'em exciting Bible stories, pointing to where to find it in the Holy Bible! This habit will enrich their life!

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